Is physical therapy the best option for my back injury?


Physical therapy is one of the most common methods used to treat back pain. Patients with back health problems can avoid back surgery with treatment. Any person who has ever had back problems may be a good candidate for physical therapy.  Even back specialists like North American Spine advocate attempting natural treatment procedures.  As some North American Spine reviews state, if chronic pain persists the Accurascope procedure might be worth considering.

How are physical therapists treating back pain?

Physical therapy is used to provide pain relief. It is used to increase functionality. A physical therapy program consists of physical therapy and active exercises. Education is provided on proper movement and preventive exercises to avoid additional injuries. Throughout the course of treatment, a person learns to master the various positions. The treatment program typically requires heat/ice packs, TENS units, ultrasounds and Iontophoresis.

What is the success rate of physical therapy for back pain?

Research shows that patients recover better when they receive treatment rather than addressing the condition independently. Research concludes that supervised physical therapy sessions have a much better outcome than those who have no treatment. Patients who undergo physical therapy earlier on are far less likely to experience back pain later on in life. A Spine study showed that there were over 32,070 patients who sought medical attention from their physician for their back pain. Some were provided within physical therapy within 14 days while the remainder of the group received no treatment until 90 days after the consultation. After 18 months of treatment, researchers found that those who received treatment earlier required fewer surgeries, injections, prescription medications and other medical procedures. In addition to having a better patient outcome, the study also showed that those received treatment earlier had lower medical expenses.

Some treatment is better than no treatment

Patients who have chronic back health problems are more likely to have a back injury or other issues. They are also more likely to experience a diminished quality of life if the person never seeks treatment. Back muscles can also become weaker if the condition isn’t resolved. If a person has been experiencing chronic or severe pain for some time, they should seek treatment.

Physical therapy yields promising results for those with the condition. Seeking it earlier on improves patient outcome. Individuals who are a part of a formal treatment program have a better recovery experience than those who receive no treatment or complete exercises independently.

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The Benefits of Online Graduation Announcements


If a family member or loved one of yours will be graduating soon, one of the first things you’ll want to do is send out announcements about this special occasion. Instead of using paper announcements that you’d find in a local store, you can order the documents online. Here are a couple of benefits of using this method. You can find several websites that offer these services, some of which are free of charge.

You Can Customize the Invitations

Online design websites that let you send the announcements also give you option of customizing the document before it goes out to friends and family. This lets you have fun with the colors and font of the announcements without paying a graphic artist to do the job or buying graduation announcements at a stationery shop.

There are also a number of invitation websites that give you the option of adding your own pictures to the document. So, you may want to add a baby picture of your son or daughter, along with his/her cap and gown picture on the announcement to celebrate that your child is growing up and to exhibit your pride. Or, you can include images of the mascot of the high school or college that the graduate is matriculating from. These are designs you won’t be able to purchase in stores.

You Don’t Have to Worry About Pickup

When you create your announcements online, you’ll have the convenience of having the invitations sent directly to your home. This means you won’t have to pick the graduation announcements from a graphic designer, which eliminates one more errand associated with planning a loved one’s graduation. Also, since the announcements are mailed to your home after you design them, you can distribute them as you see fit. For instance, local friends and loved ones that you’ll see before the graduation can receive their invitations in person, which will save you postage. Then, all you’ll have to do is make one trip to the post office to send off the rest of the announcements, and you’re free to start organizing the rest of the graduation festivities.

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